How to get the most reliable use from your memory card.

Memory cards are way of photographic life today as film was in the days of film.There are many theories and opinions on how to care for your cards for best results.The attached link is an article on the proper care and usage of memory cards by someone who knows-a former Lexar executive and photographer.

Take a look and get the real story on what is good for your card and ultimately your images.




Sand Dunes Impressions



The sand dunes in Death Valley NP are an impressive site at any time of the day.In the late afternoon,they are even more impressive.The low angle of the sun creates shadow and highlight contrast to give them depth not visible at mid day.

For this particular shot, I wanted to try a different look.Topaz makes some great plug-ins for Lightroom at reasonable prices.The Topaz Impressions plug-in is for the situations where you want to give your photographs the look of a painting.It offers a very wide variety of styles and effects.Brush sizes and styles as well as coloring can be adjusted in a user friendly way.It can give a new look and life to your photographs.

This particular look I thought gave the dunes the feeling of what you see on a windy day in Death Valley.

While Topaz Impressions is not the least expensive of the plug-ins Topaz offers,it can give a unique look to your photographs.There is a free trial available to give it a try.


Art in the Grove Oct. 18

The Copper Area News published this post to their site about The Art in the Grove event on Oct. 18 at the Olive Mill in Queen Creek Arizona.It is an event put on by the Artists of the Superstitions,a group of artists which I am a member of.The AOTS is a great group of artists promoting art and artistic events in the central Arizona area.If you are in that part of AZ,go by and check out the event and other events by the AOTS.

_DSC0031-Edit-2Here is a link to the page:

August 29,2015 Supermoon

The “Supermoon” was being heavily discussed in the media for days leading up to the Aug. 29 peak.This was taken from a section of Jones Beach on Long Island (New York).

While the beach still had a lot of people there enjoying the early evening,this particular area was quiet.The sea gull seemed to be watching the moonrise with as much interest as anyone else there that night.It all made the experience of photographing it even more special.

After finishing up my series of photos,I found out that there was a surf fisherman a few hundred yards to the west of this spot.While I was photographing the moonrise,he had caught a four foot Mako shark.Maybe he came to see the Supermoon too._DSF1298